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    Start with the basic square footage of your room(s) by multiplying length by the width (L x W) using a tape. No need to be too precise at this stage – rounding up to the next foot is highly recommended. Then add in closets. We know it’s tempting to leave the old flooring in the closet, but the transition won’t look good. The truth is putting in the little extra effort every time you open your closet door will be rewarding.

    Why wiggle room needed?

    So to have a little extra is always better than not. We recommend adding at least 10% more flooring to the spare footage you calculated, predominantly as assurance against mistaken installation and the cut required. In addition, it’s always a good thing to have some extra left over as replacement just in case the damage comes to existence at some point.

    And remember all the accessories you’ll need, from transition strips to underlayment to floor molding.


    Lofty Homes flooring uses the click clock system that turns the once easy installation now an effortless job. Just stack one tile against the another and click at the edge of the tile to get the job done.

    That being said, everyone can be a do-it-yourselfer with the basic tools. Make sure you have all these prepared prior to installation:

    Safety Glass to protect your eyes from debris, trash, and dust.


    Pull Bar

    Tapping Block


    Carbide Tipped Blade

    Measuring Tape

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