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    Our Story

    Though with hundreds of flooring brands and thousands of retail stores across the US, it’s still surprisingly hard for customers to find great flooring products that represent a good combination of durability, affordability, and simplicity.

    Lofty Homes was born with a mission of filling this gap and creating new choices. We provide top-of-the-line SPC vinyl DIY floors for factory-direct pricing. Our floors are lifetime limited warranty for residential and up to 15 year warranty for commercial.

    Unprecedentedly, we live up to our all-win ecosystem where we’re fully committed to sales-through by offering dealers dedicated sales support program with great selling tools to help them sell out better.


    Superior Performance
    The ultra-dense solid core of Lofty Homes flooring is fabricated from a mix of limestone powder, polyvinyl chloride, and stabilizers that accommodates top-rated long-lasting performance over the years with lifetime limited warranty.

    Natural Elegance
    All the wide range of trendy and contemporary colorways, designs, patterns for all types of buildings and uses. The styles simulate the natural beauty of stone and wood with unprecedented low frequency in pattern repetition.

    Unprecedented Simplicity
    Lofty Homes SPC vinyl is now integrated with the innovative 3L TripleLock and Click4U locking system from I4F technology. This best one piece, drop-lock system makes the DIY installation of Lofty Homes is easier than ever before and 30% faster without any fuss.

    Lofty Homes provides numerous designs of high quality SPC vinyl flooring that represents perfect combination of superior performance, contemporary styles, and unprecedented simplicity.

    Trusted flooring in combination with reasonable affordability and dedicated customer support is the strong business foundation we’ve built for success of Lofty Homes and its partners.

    Top-of-the-line Products
    Lofty Homes provides trendy and contemporary floors fabricated with innovative technologies for top durability and long-lasting performance.

    Products are flexibly subject to customization. Help us learn your requirements and we’ll take care for the rest!

    Factory-Direct Savings
    Our factory-direct model lowers our product costs so partners maintain high sales margins. Lofty Homes high quality floors are sold for a fraction of pricing of our competitors.

    You earn the advantage of higher markup to invest in marketing and sales boosting activities.

    Dedicated Customer Support
    Being a specialty retailer and short of dedicated marketing efforts and solutions to engage customers and grow your business? We offer sales training, sales merchandising and sales promotion as selling tools to supercharge sales-through.

    All Lofty Homes floors are lifetime limited warranty for residential and 15-year warranty for commercial.

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